Over the years, Kimmie has formed partnerships and led organizations that have provided education to thousands of students in West Africa, lobbied the disarmament of tens of thousands child soldiers, and provided rehabilitation, skills training and employment opportunities to youth who have been affected by war.  

In 1998, Kimmie Weeks investigated and released a groundbreaking report on the Liberian government’s involvement in the training children as soldiers.    As a result, former Liberian President Charles Taylor made several attempts to assassinate him until he fled Liberia and was granted political asylum in the United States. 

Once he came to the United States, Dr. Kimmie Weeks established an International organization called Youth Action International to support the needs of families living in post war countries.   Youth Action International’s programs have benefited more than 200,000 people in six post war African countries by providing vocational training, rebuilding education systems, providing micro-lending, and encouraging young people to invest in agriculture.  

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